What I Use to Record

Pretty nifty that in 2015 we have so much digital equipment to select from.  I went from cakewalk to Boss 1600 and Yamaha MD8 to Mac, and then to ProTools 10 (with too many to mention in between).    One my favorite and most important pieces of gear is my beloved Avalon Design 737 Vacuum Tube Pre Amp.  It gets the vocals kicking and sounding fresh and clean.   To me its my secret (not anymore) ingredient.   I have a Roland RD-300 SX weighted keyboard and a few guitars, a bass, and a cajon.  The only thing I need is a sink and a toaster oven and I might never need to leave.    I will post the plug ins at another time..

feel free to ask me any questions at aprilkellymusic@gmail.com   I