I Will Never Work a Day in My Life


I am a terrible typist. I make a lot of mistakes and spend more time fixing than I do typing.  I am not good at figuring numbers out in my head either. Random fact...useless information.. :)

Anyway Ill try and keep this Blog going, and answer some questions I get from my friends, family, and people I meet along the way.

The question I get asked the most is 

"What do you do for a job"?

I don't really consider to have a job. Hard to explain, but I feel I have a way of life, a focus, a passion, a drive, a spirit to create, that has moved me successfully through because I don't have a choice, but to honor it or die...    I think I would have a medical emergency if I had to do something other than music. This life is far too embedded in my blood to change course, ever.

I never thought of it as a job and always just considered it "Who" I am.  I had other interests in life, but nothing ever held me like singing, writing music, and performing. It has been an amazing journey so far to have done just about a little of everything in the music industry from having a recording contract, touring, managing an amazing band, running a music production company, and being a creative artist and writer performing an average of at least 100 shows a year for as long as I can remember.

 I do very much enjoy the diversity of my life and getting to create a tapestry of sound, a sound track of my life,

Is my life.

They said do what you love, be who you are, LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND YOU WILL NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. 

I just want to bang on my drum all day...    like Todd ;  )