Open Mics in New Jersey

t wasnt until 2011 that I went to my first Open Mic at a place in Ocean Grove NJ called The Barbaric Bean Sponsored by Cook Smith and Carol Barbieri,  I didnt know what to expect other than an opportunity to play my piano and guitar in front of people who I didnt know and who werent paying me, so it was a no pressure deal.  I found more than a chance to do that, I met friends and like minded people who all do what I do, and understand the love and passion I have for making music.    The local music community is filled with amazing talented people who love music so much that after gigging 100 gigs a year they still go out to the open mics and try out new songs and continue develping their craft.  What a gift to have the stage to try new things, test out new songs, meet new people.  I had no confidence to play an instrument and sing at the same time until I went to an open mic.  There are many reasons to go to one as a musician and as a listener. A great night out for anyone.      Questions  Ask